Magnificent Mountain Land with Fabulous Hotel Included

ID CODE: #3079

Sales Price: US$1,350,000

  • Land: 5.6 acres (2.3 hectares)
  • Construction: 1,600 m2 (17,216 sq.ft.)
  • Bedrooms: 25

Located near many tourist attractions, only 10 miles from the Capital San Jose and the same distance to the International Airport. Over 8.1 Acres of gorgeous lush green mountain areas, forest views, creeks, and even city views.

The property is in the province of Heredia, the city of flowers, only a couple of miles from Braulio Carrillo National Park and the Barva Volcano Park. This amazing Garden of Eden remains green all year around, providing visitors with cool fresh temperatures, and a magnificent environment to relax watching birds while smelling the flowers and the pine trees scents.

This place is a Natural Paradise with its native fauna and abundant vegetation.

The land offers wonderful views of the Central Valley, majestic lush surroundings, and walking trails through the Ciruela River which is located to the west of the property. The river’s water has regenerative properties thanks to the natural minerals from the Barva Volcano.

The Hotel built in the property is included in the price and sold as it is! The constructed area is about 17,222 sq ft, which includes the reception are, a pool, small sauna, a large lounge to relax while watching the valley views or sunsets, a full restaurant with a bar, and 26 rooms to rent. Some of them are beautiful standalone villas.

This property is a MUST SEE for any investor, not only because it can be worked seven days a week instead of only the weekends, as it has been done so far, but also because it has the potential to become so much more in the proper hands.

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